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Trellis Magazine
This list includes many magazines which prefer or accept “formal” poetry -- poetry in a poetic form (usually any form in
Lewis Turco’s
Book of Forms) -- or metered or rhymed verse.     We have included several magazines based in other
English-speaking or dual-English countries, and most publishers accept submissions from anywhere.
  Most of these magazines prefer adult submitters (over 16 or over 18).  For young writers, see the alternate list
Publishers of Student Poetry.
  Please visit the individual publisher’s site for exact poetry submission guidelines and to be sure they are accepting
submissions.  Print magazines often state that “Shorter poems are more likely to be accepted due to space
considerations.”   Many of these magazines have contests, and most of them accept articles/essays about poetry.  A
few of them accept English translations of poetry from other languages.  For writers with other talents, most magazines
also accept photos and/or art, and some accept music.
 Always read the site’s “About Us” page and the entire current issue of the magazine before you submit your poem, to
make sure your poetry would fit their style. You should also read this helpful article
Submission Advice for All Poets.

14 by 14  (sonnets only)
32 Poems Poetry Magazine (poems of 32 lines or less)
Sixty-Six (sonnets and sonnet studies)
Able Muse (formal poetry and light verse)
Alsop Review  (well-crafted poetry)
Anon (Scotland) (all types of poetry)
Anti (all types of poetry)
The Barefoot Muse (any formal poetry, and metrical poetry, preferably no more than 40 lines)
Blue Unicorn  (all types of poetry)
Candelabrum (England)  (prefer metrical and formal poetry)
Cave Wall (all types of poetry)
The Chimaera (prefer formal poetry for some issues)
Contemporary Rhyme (rhymed poetry)
Crab Orchard Review (at Southern Illinois U.) (all types of quality poetry, see current topic)
The Deronda Review (was The Neovictorian/Cochlea)  (formal poetry)
The Dark Horse (Scotland) (prefer meter and rhyme)
The Eclectic Muse (Canada) (prefer traditional poetry)
Envoi (Wales) (all types of poetry, up to 40 lines)
The Evansville Review (all types of poetry)
Expansive Poetry Online (formal poetry)
The Formalist (at U. of Evansville) (contest only)
First Things (any type of poetry, focus on religion)
Fourteen Magazine (UK) (sonnets and other 14-liners)
Frostwriting (Sweden) (English poems that involve Sweden)
Garbanzo! (“light verse” = funny poems)
The Hudson Review (all types of quality poetry)
A Hudson View (traditional and experimental poetry)
The HyperTexts (formal poetry)
Image (any type of poetry, focus on religious humanism)
The Innisfree Poetry Journal (“well-crafted poems”)
Iron Horse Literary Review (at Texas Tech) (all types of quality poetry)
Kritya (India) (poetry in English or Hindi)
Light (“light verse” = funny poems)
Lighten Up Online (“light verse” = funny poems)
Linebreak (any poem arranged in lines; publish one poem per week)
The Literary Bohemian (travel-inspired poetry)
Loch Raven Review (all types of quality poetry)
The London Magazine (UK) (all types of quality poetry, no longer than 800 lines)
Lucid Rhythms (poems with a strong rhythmic element)
The Lyric  (prefer rhymed verse in traditional forms up to 40 lines)
Measure (at U. of Evansville) (metrical poetry)
Mezzo Cammin  (poetry by women in traditional or experimental forms)
Mimesis (UK) (all types of quality poetry)
Mobius (all poetic forms, including sestina, haiku, tanka, and free verse, up to 50 lines)
The National Poetry Review  (all types of quality poetry)
NEBO (at Arkansas Tech) (all types - blank verse, free verse, sonnets, etc.)
North American Review (all types of quality poetry, see topics)
Orbis International Literary Journal (Irish) (all types)
Our Pipe Dreams (all types)
The Pedestal Magazine (all types of poetry)
Poemeleon  (see next issue’s topic)
The Poem Tree (metered poetry)
Poetry Magazine (all types of quality poetry)
The Poetry Journal (all types of poetry)
Poetry Revolt (well-crafted satire, humor, irony, and drama)
The Raintown Review (prefer metrical poems)
Rattle (all types of poetry)
Raven Chronicles (poetry that melds content with traditional or experimental form, see their topics)
The Recusant (all types of poetry, nonconformist topics)
Redheaded Stepchild (any poem that has been rejected by another magazine)
RiverRun (at U. of Colorado) (see their guidelines)
The Road Not Taken  (rhyming and metrical poetry)
The Rondeau Roundup (rondeau, rondel, roundel, rondeau redouble, rondolet, triolet, and ballade)
Ruminate (all types of poetry, Christian themes)
ShatterColors Literary Review (formal poetry)
Sewanee Review 40 lines or less)
Sewanee Theological Review  (Anglican)
Slant (at U. of Central Arkansas) (traditional verse, narrative poetry, and well-crafted poems)
Smartish Pace (any poetry)
Snakeskin (all types of poetry)
Sonnetto Poesia (Canadian) (sonnets and other formal rhyming verse, in English or French)
Soundzine (all types, see their current theme)
Shadow Poetry’s SP Quill (all types)
Shadow Poetry’s White Lotus  (haiku, senryu, tanka and haiga)
Strangeroad (all types of poetry)
Strong Verse (“good poetry is meant to be understood, not  decoded”)
Third Wednesday (all types of poetry)
Trellis Magazine (prefers formal poetry)]
Triplopia (well-crafted poetry)
Two Review (all types of poetry)
Umbrella  (all types of disciplined poetry, see current themes)
Unsplendid  (formal poetry in many forms, including invented forms)
Victorian Violet Press (prefers metrical poems, whether free verse or rhymed; also publishes photos, song videos and