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Welcome to the Trellis Magazine website.

Trellis is a forum for writers of all ages and experience
levels to express themselves using poetic form.

What is poetic form?  

Immanuel Kant wrote that "In all beautiful art, the
essential thing is form."  Poetry in a poetic form follows
certain rules such as a rhyme scheme or line length.  

For everyone who loves how language can be arranged
and constructed using rhyme, meter, and other
conventions of poetry, Trellis  is a place to share your
love of poetic form.

Trellis is also a place to learn more about poetic form
and how to write in a variety of forms.  Read the
current and archived magazines online, explore all the
free materials in the Resources section, and consider
the Book Reviews.

Trellis Magazine provides publishing opportunities for
poetry, articles, reviews, projects, and photos.  We
accept submissions from writers of all ages and skill
levels.  See the Submit section and the Contests
section for current publishing opportunities.
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